To Run a Race or Not Run a Race, That is the Question.

On Saturday, I ran the Lafayette Oatmeal Run with one of my best friends. Our question after the race was, why did we run this race? I would have to say nostalgia (last year this was where my friends and I made our 2017 resolution) and the best breakfast ever. It all started when we drove about a half and hour out of our way to pick up our swag only to receive a number and a small piece of paper telling us all the place we could go to after the race and get discounts. I really appreciate all the buisnesses that support the race, but it would be awesome if they were set up at the race site with their buy a drink and get a free (pizza, chocolate, etc.) The last thing I want to do after a run, is go to public places where there are not any other runners in my flashy running tights, with a runny nose, and sweaty runner’s hair (you get the running theme huh).

Then there was the run.  I was not quite ready for the hills, but I can always practice hills.  Would it be my first choice, I would have to go with no, but it is difficult to tell a course just from a Google map.  Now, I run with my buds so that we really have time to discuss these things and decide the answer to the ultimate question, Will we run this race again? So, hills wasn’t ready for it, but I survived.

The end of the race definitely pushes the race into the “do again” category. They serve you a breakfast that is amazing. Oatmeal with any possible topping combination, Pancakes, Coffee, Juice, Muffins, or Tea. The breakfast alone was worth the running of the hills. However, a little friendly feedback from two folks who run a lot.

While eating breakfast, my friend and I were looking around at all the different race attire worn by other runners. We realized that runners and walkers are walking advertisements for all the races we run. Within that short amount of time my friend and I had breakfast, we decided on about five different races we would look into and do the following year, if we missed it, or this year if the race was still available. Our advice would be to maybe think about charging a bit more to get your runners a shirt, hat, headband, or something to take advantage of how great runners are at advertising, because you really can’t go by just word of month alone.

So, runners and walkers post the answer to this question if you would: Why do you run or walk a race? What makes you do a race again and again? Please help me enlighten the running and walkers all over the world.

My New Years Goal for 1000 miles this year and 50 in January: I am at 39.6 miles so far for this month.

How are your goals coming? My new runners keep running in fact, come to Shoes and Brews 1-18 for the social run if you happen to be in Longmont CO.

Up coming Races:

3W Six Pack Series Jan.20 Westminster, CO (it is also in Highlands Ranch)

Frost Giant Estes Park Jan. 27

Yeti Chase Jan. 28

Author: Running hedgehog

I love to run! Why do I do it? Well, one time someone told me I couldn’t. So, being the stubborn, competitive person I am, really means I just do it more. Every month I do as many races as I can, virtual as well as regular. I’m all about the swag and running for good causes. I would love people to know about the great causes, the hottest swag as well as the best courses. My goal is to inform and inspire.

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