Run the Community

I am now half way through my Six Pack Series of runs. I ran on Saturday and it was beautiful. It is the beginning of February and I have already taken a minute of my time from last year. I was so excited. Maybe just maybe I’d get my certificate, but of course no. Yes, I ran better, but so did everyone else. The first place runner ran the 5K in 21 minutes. All I can say is wow! First of all girl power, you go! I also discovered I like spring and summer running much better than running in the cold, but I will persevere. The groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter and I say bring it on! Next Six Pack Series Run adds miles.

After my run, I had my first ambassador meeting at Shoes and Brews which brings me to my running community. I met some amazing women who I can not wait to run the Thursday night community runs alongside. There were so many of us and we were all eager to talk and learn about each other.

I have to admit I was so nervous because of my struggles to be competitive and my concerns about my time. I thought I would be out of my league. Everyone was so supportive and excited about our new adventure. Join us at Shoes and Brews for our community runs each Thursday at 6pm. Runners are so supportive, so share about your running community.

How are your goals coming? Don’t give up! I’m here for you, but don’t forget to take a well deserved rest.

First goal complete for January

only 943.77 miles to go this year eekkk.

Upcoming races:

Heart throb February 10 3W

Collabeeration April 7

Author: Running hedgehog

I love to run! Why do I do it? Well, one time someone told me I couldn’t. So, being the stubborn, competitive person I am, really means I just do it more. Every month I do as many races as I can, virtual as well as regular. I’m all about the swag and running for good causes. I would love people to know about the great causes, the hottest swag as well as the best courses. My goal is to inform and inspire.

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