Back after 6 months

This has been a difficult past 6 months. After working so hard last year with running and exercise, in July I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Friday the 13th no less. I continue to believe everything happens for a reason and so far here is what I have discovered.

I will never give up what I truly love. Strong, stubborn, maybe even crazy are all words that describe me. Moving to Colorado and surrounded myself with amazing people was the best decision we ever made. Lately, I’ve learned all the things I previously complained or worried about seem so silly. Most of all, I hope to inspire and give strength to others.

This is the new me. Would love to hear other stories of inspiration and courage. People shared their stories with me and they helped we get through these last few months. To those people, I am forever thankful for their wisdom. You have helped shape the new me.

Author: Running hedgehog

I love to run! Why do I do it? Well, one time someone told me I couldn’t. So, being the stubborn, competitive person I am, really means I just do it more. Every month I do as many races as I can, virtual as well as regular. I’m all about the swag and running for good causes. I would love people to know about the great causes, the hottest swag as well as the best courses. My goal is to inform and inspire.

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