One Amazing Day

Yesterday, May 11th I was the Happy Smackah. I know you are probably wondering, what is a Happy Smackah? Well, after meeting all the other Smackah’s we are people who live a happy life. I encourage you to checkout their website because they explain it so much better

What I experienced was people in one community coming together to support one person, this year me which was an amazing honor, and run or walk. No time, no awards, just everyone together as a celebration. The day was beautiful in so many ways. I want to thank everyone for coming out and those who supported Happy Smackah even though they couldn’t make it to the race. I am so lucky and could never express my gratitude in one blog post.

I will forever be a Happy Smackah and look forward to the race next year and forever or as long as my legs will carry me. I also wanted to give a link to Brave Hoods who have amazing hoodies with the most wonderful cause here is their link Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Back after 6 months

This has been a difficult past 6 months. After working so hard last year with running and exercise, in July I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Friday the 13th no less. I continue to believe everything happens for a reason and so far here is what I have discovered.

I will never give up what I truly love. Strong, stubborn, maybe even crazy are all words that describe me. Moving to Colorado and surrounded myself with amazing people was the best decision we ever made. Lately, I’ve learned all the things I previously complained or worried about seem so silly. Most of all, I hope to inspire and give strength to others.

This is the new me. Would love to hear other stories of inspiration and courage. People shared their stories with me and they helped we get through these last few months. To those people, I am forever thankful for their wisdom. You have helped shape the new me.