Wind or Snow? Which do you prefer?

Happy Belated Valentine’s to all. So, after eating all that chocolate, what races did you chose to do?  My buddies and I did the Heart Throb before Valentine’s, which brings me to my question for this week.  Runners and walkers, would you rather race in the snow or the wind?

As you can see I have recently had an experience with both, and I have to say I prefer the snow. I feel that the snow is a lot like trail running only more slippery and of course colder. However, the cold I can bundle up for. Sure it means you might be wearing two long sleeve shirts, two to three pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, two or more pairs of running tights, a tutu, scarf, hat, etc., you get the picture lots of extra weight. Still, I would take the cold and snow any day over the wind, as long as ice was not involved.

My weekend experience with the wind has helped push me into the snow camp for sure.  I did two races this weekend and both races I had to deal with the wind.  At Ralston Creek, in the beginning,  I had an amazing time, but I turned the corner for the last mile and ran up hill with the wind trying to push me back down hill the entire way to the finish.  I was impressed that my friend cut thirteen minutes off of his time from last year to take first in his age group. He falls into the wind category rather than snow. All I have to say is amazing.

Wind or snow, rain or shine, the people I run with are the best motivators in my life.  My husband and daughter are great supporters as well. They know the perfect Valentine’s gift. Nano Spikes for those one degree mornings (like this up coming Tuesday brrr) and a massage for when I accidentally book 2 races on the same weekend (like this weekend).

Of course regardless of dealing with wind or snow, your time might change unless you are lucky enough to run with the wind at your back.  Now that is when I would vote for wind, if it was at my back and running downhill. Scary, but I bet I could shave at least two minutes off my time. So, which do you prefer wind or snow? Lets be honest though, if you are in the same state I am in, you might just be ready for spring time running. Darn groundhog (six more weeks of winter) The prairie dogs in Colorado say it is time for spring. I know he is hard to see in the picture below, but he is there.

Don’t forget if you are in Longmont, CO, come to the Social Runs on Thursday at 6pm at Shoes and Brews. I would love to see you everyone. How are your goals going?  Keep going!

My Goal: 1000 miles this year:

Up coming races:

Erin Go Braugh 7.77K March 17

CollaBEERation April 7th

Time to Run… Faster

This last weekend, I ran the second run in the six pack series. I practiced and practiced because I was committed to be in the top three, but I wasn’t . My time was a great time, in fact one of my best, but still no certificate. That’s right, no medal, or anything else just a piece of paper, but I really wanted that paper that said first, second or third. Then that familiar question occurred to me again; why do I run? Unfortunately, I am highly competitive and my time does matter. So, how do I get a better time? Is my time good for someone my age? I would love to know what you think. Let’s talk times and about being competitive.

Even though I have not been able to place, I still love the course and encourage people to join the Six Pack series. Check out the 3W races

My New Years Goal for 1000 Miles this year and 50 in January:

Up coming races:

Frost Giant January 27, Estes Park

Yeti Chase January 28

Running Resolutions

Happy New Year to all runners and new runners welcome to the tribe! So, if you are new to the running community you are asking yourself why should I run? Running is a state of mind for some people.  All you really need is a great pair of running shoes, which if you are going to continue running I highly suggest going to a running store and talk to a specialist about choosing a pair perfect for you.  I made the mistake of first investing in a cheap pair of shoes, but after my toes fell asleep while I running, I realized cheap shoes is not smart.

Where should you go? Well, in Longmont I go to Shoes & Brews. Great staff, they are amazingly helpful. After you choose your shoes you can get a Brew, because shopping can be so tedious sometimes. If you are ever in Longmont or driving by, I suggest stopping in. They also have built an amazing running community. We support each other with all our goals. If you are not close to Longmont, try Road Runner Sports they have several locations.  I have been there several times to pick up my swag from 3W and they also have an amazing selection of items. I would love for any other runners out there to suggest other running stores, because I am always on the look out for new stores.

Okay, you now have your shoes, but are trying to meet your goal of running a race a month right, or if you are a bit over competitive like me every weekend? Where to find a worthwhile race? Last year I ran several races and already two this first week of the new year, both races were through 3W.  On the first, I ran the Resolution Race. I love the hat it is a perfect addition to my running ensemble. Every 3W race I have done has been well-organized, had great swag, a fun course, they sponsor amazing charities, and early packet pick up is always easy.

As a Christmas present, I was given the 3W Winter Six Pack which is a great way for beginning runners to start. The Six Packs are North and South so check out 3W’s site to sign up for one that works best for you? Check out the Winter Six Pack and don’t forget you can sign up for a Summer Six Pack. Prairie Dog Series is also a great one to check out.  You can see that one of my goals this year is to try out as many races as possible including doing some series.  Another goal is sharing my blog which I hope will be helpful to any runner.

Okay, Runners what are your goals for the new year? I’m going for the 1000 miles for the year, more races, and informing runners to strengthen our running community.

Upcoming January Races:

Lafayette Oatmeal 5K walk/run January 13 

Winter Six Pack January 20 (Westminster) by 3W

Yeti Chase January 28 Racing Underground

Plan ahead for February:

Check out the 3W site for Heart throb

Check out Racing Underground Ralston Creek