Wind or Snow? Which do you prefer?

Happy Belated Valentine’s to all. So, after eating all that chocolate, what races did you chose to do?  My buddies and I did the Heart Throb before Valentine’s, which brings me to my question for this week.  Runners and walkers, would you rather race in the snow or the wind?

As you can see I have recently had an experience with both, and I have to say I prefer the snow. I feel that the snow is a lot like trail running only more slippery and of course colder. However, the cold I can bundle up for. Sure it means you might be wearing two long sleeve shirts, two to three pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, two or more pairs of running tights, a tutu, scarf, hat, etc., you get the picture lots of extra weight. Still, I would take the cold and snow any day over the wind, as long as ice was not involved.

My weekend experience with the wind has helped push me into the snow camp for sure.  I did two races this weekend and both races I had to deal with the wind.  At Ralston Creek, in the beginning,  I had an amazing time, but I turned the corner for the last mile and ran up hill with the wind trying to push me back down hill the entire way to the finish.  I was impressed that my friend cut thirteen minutes off of his time from last year to take first in his age group. He falls into the wind category rather than snow. All I have to say is amazing.

Wind or snow, rain or shine, the people I run with are the best motivators in my life.  My husband and daughter are great supporters as well. They know the perfect Valentine’s gift. Nano Spikes for those one degree mornings (like this up coming Tuesday brrr) and a massage for when I accidentally book 2 races on the same weekend (like this weekend).

Of course regardless of dealing with wind or snow, your time might change unless you are lucky enough to run with the wind at your back.  Now that is when I would vote for wind, if it was at my back and running downhill. Scary, but I bet I could shave at least two minutes off my time. So, which do you prefer wind or snow? Lets be honest though, if you are in the same state I am in, you might just be ready for spring time running. Darn groundhog (six more weeks of winter) The prairie dogs in Colorado say it is time for spring. I know he is hard to see in the picture below, but he is there.

Don’t forget if you are in Longmont, CO, come to the Social Runs on Thursday at 6pm at Shoes and Brews. I would love to see you everyone. How are your goals going?  Keep going!

My Goal: 1000 miles this year:

Up coming races:

Erin Go Braugh 7.77K March 17

CollaBEERation April 7th

Run the Community

I am now half way through my Six Pack Series of runs. I ran on Saturday and it was beautiful. It is the beginning of February and I have already taken a minute of my time from last year. I was so excited. Maybe just maybe I’d get my certificate, but of course no. Yes, I ran better, but so did everyone else. The first place runner ran the 5K in 21 minutes. All I can say is wow! First of all girl power, you go! I also discovered I like spring and summer running much better than running in the cold, but I will persevere. The groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter and I say bring it on! Next Six Pack Series Run adds miles.

After my run, I had my first ambassador meeting at Shoes and Brews which brings me to my running community. I met some amazing women who I can not wait to run the Thursday night community runs alongside. There were so many of us and we were all eager to talk and learn about each other.

I have to admit I was so nervous because of my struggles to be competitive and my concerns about my time. I thought I would be out of my league. Everyone was so supportive and excited about our new adventure. Join us at Shoes and Brews for our community runs each Thursday at 6pm. Runners are so supportive, so share about your running community.

How are your goals coming? Don’t give up! I’m here for you, but don’t forget to take a well deserved rest.

First goal complete for January

only 943.77 miles to go this year eekkk.

Upcoming races:

Heart throb February 10 3W

Collabeeration April 7

Challenge Accepted

This weekend was a challenge for me.  I ended up running two new races.  Saturday was the Frost Giant in Estes Park.  It was a 5K, but wow what a challenge!  It starts straight up hill (which is better than ending with a hill) and just when you think it is mellowing out, it goes up hill again on a trail which at times could be covered with snow.

We arrived early and the temperature was nice, but the wind in Estes is chilly. I should probably also mention the altitude (max 7,770 ft), but in the end what goes up must come down. Down I came, making up a ton of time earning me 3rd place in my age group and a sweet medal. The funny thing was that my time was slower than last weekends race in the flats, but you really never know when you will place. Time on this run was not as relevant as the experience of running uphill in the cold and at altitude. I would do this race again because I love a challenge. Runners are so absolutely supportive of each other has been my experience at every race.

On Sunday, my buddies and I did the Yeti Chase. After the challenge of the uphill on Saturday, the rolling hills was a relief.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather for running.  We dressed up as colorful Yetis in hopes of winning a girls trip to Keystone so please if you can help some runners out please thumbs up our photo Summit Cove Yeti 

The Yeti Chase was a do again for sure.  Sometimes it can be super cold, I have heard, so there is no better time to break out those rainbow leg warmers and monster hats, but why just let them lie around when you can use them for this:

I assure you no cats were harmed in the making of this picture.

Finally, I would love to introduce some amazing folks I met at the Yeti Chase. Matilda and Kelly are the founders of Adventurist Backpack Co. based out of Denver, Colorado. They sell amazing backpacks. For every back pack sold, Adventurist Backpack Co. provides 25 meals for families in need across America. Check out the backpacks and story at Shoes and Brews in Longmont or on their site. I love the pack I bought.

How are your challenges coming folks?? What about those resolutions? Here are my results towards my 1000 miles in 2018 and 50 miles in January

Upcoming races:

3W third Six Pack Series race Feburary 3

3W Heart Throb Feburary 10 in Longmont or Arvada Feburary

3W Erin Go Braugh 7.77K March 17

Shoes and Brews Collabeeration April 7th

Time to Run… Faster

This last weekend, I ran the second run in the six pack series. I practiced and practiced because I was committed to be in the top three, but I wasn’t . My time was a great time, in fact one of my best, but still no certificate. That’s right, no medal, or anything else just a piece of paper, but I really wanted that paper that said first, second or third. Then that familiar question occurred to me again; why do I run? Unfortunately, I am highly competitive and my time does matter. So, how do I get a better time? Is my time good for someone my age? I would love to know what you think. Let’s talk times and about being competitive.

Even though I have not been able to place, I still love the course and encourage people to join the Six Pack series. Check out the 3W races

My New Years Goal for 1000 Miles this year and 50 in January:

Up coming races:

Frost Giant January 27, Estes Park

Yeti Chase January 28

To Run a Race or Not Run a Race, That is the Question.

On Saturday, I ran the Lafayette Oatmeal Run with one of my best friends. Our question after the race was, why did we run this race? I would have to say nostalgia (last year this was where my friends and I made our 2017 resolution) and the best breakfast ever. It all started when we drove about a half and hour out of our way to pick up our swag only to receive a number and a small piece of paper telling us all the place we could go to after the race and get discounts. I really appreciate all the buisnesses that support the race, but it would be awesome if they were set up at the race site with their buy a drink and get a free (pizza, chocolate, etc.) The last thing I want to do after a run, is go to public places where there are not any other runners in my flashy running tights, with a runny nose, and sweaty runner’s hair (you get the running theme huh).

Then there was the run.  I was not quite ready for the hills, but I can always practice hills.  Would it be my first choice, I would have to go with no, but it is difficult to tell a course just from a Google map.  Now, I run with my buds so that we really have time to discuss these things and decide the answer to the ultimate question, Will we run this race again? So, hills wasn’t ready for it, but I survived.

The end of the race definitely pushes the race into the “do again” category. They serve you a breakfast that is amazing. Oatmeal with any possible topping combination, Pancakes, Coffee, Juice, Muffins, or Tea. The breakfast alone was worth the running of the hills. However, a little friendly feedback from two folks who run a lot.

While eating breakfast, my friend and I were looking around at all the different race attire worn by other runners. We realized that runners and walkers are walking advertisements for all the races we run. Within that short amount of time my friend and I had breakfast, we decided on about five different races we would look into and do the following year, if we missed it, or this year if the race was still available. Our advice would be to maybe think about charging a bit more to get your runners a shirt, hat, headband, or something to take advantage of how great runners are at advertising, because you really can’t go by just word of month alone.

So, runners and walkers post the answer to this question if you would: Why do you run or walk a race? What makes you do a race again and again? Please help me enlighten the running and walkers all over the world.

My New Years Goal for 1000 miles this year and 50 in January: I am at 39.6 miles so far for this month.

How are your goals coming? My new runners keep running in fact, come to Shoes and Brews 1-18 for the social run if you happen to be in Longmont CO.

Up coming Races:

3W Six Pack Series Jan.20 Westminster, CO (it is also in Highlands Ranch)

Frost Giant Estes Park Jan. 27

Yeti Chase Jan. 28

Running and Great Swag

Tranquil as the ocean, several people run for peace. Many run to drink beer afterwards. Some of us are addicted to swag. You know the nicest shirts, medals, food, etc. I have to say this past year I have discovered great races for one reason or another. Running is my thing and I’m here to inform about amazing Races in Colorado. I feel runners want to know especially when deciding between different races. So, bring on 2018 and some amazing races.